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Welcome to Sky High Dog Training

I use positive reinforcement to build lasting relationships between people and their dogs. From basic obedience to fun and elaborate tricks, you and your dog will be in sync and that makes you unstoppable!


30 and 50 minute private lessons


Self-paced with life time access


Training your dog in my home

When I first got my rat terrier pup, I was anxious and nervous. Having Skye was a life changer. They offered me the support and education that I needed to be more confident in raising Nezuko. Everyone with a dog could benefit from having a Skye in their life!

Bethany & Nezuko

Skye is a master of their craft!

AJ & Angel with
Rosie & Dewey

Skye is amazingly patient and understanding with my dog. My rescue comes with a lot of past trauma and Skye is as delicate as needed with her. Plus Skye is so good at training me! They make it such a fun experience and I’m seeing growth in my dog’s emotional and behavioral development already.

Jaci & Boombox

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