Day Trains & Day Care

Day trains are a fantastic way to give your dog a boost in their training! You will be able to drop your dog off for up to nine hours to receive one-on-one training with me. The training provided will be tailored to your and your dog's needs. My day trains are a little different compared to others in that I only take ONE dog per day. Your dog will get my full attention the entire time they are in my home. With Day Trains you will receive a 30 minute private lesson at the time of pick up to go over what I worked on with your dog and give you the confidence to continue the work at home.

What are my options?

You can choose from set hours as well as create a custom service that fits your needs.. 


Day training hours incorporate tailored training games and exercises as well as real world experience in my home and backyard, my neighborhood, and the surrounding open spaces. Dog sitting hours include enrichment, play, and lots of love and cuddles in the same environments.

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If you have any questions please let me know in that chat window to the bottom right of your screen or shoot me an email.

Please note that I do not take on aggression cases at this point in time. If you are looking for training and support with a dog who is behaving aggressively towards humans, dogs, cats, and/or other animals, please contact me and I can refer you to a trainer who will be able to best support you and your pup. Thank you!

Located in Littleton, CO 80123.