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Chaotic to Calm

Management, Games, and Coping Skills for Reactive Dogs in the Real World

Does your dog...
  • Whine, growl, or bark at other dogs, humans, or animals?

  • Pull or lunge towards other dogs, humans, or animals?

Do you want to...
  • Learn management techniques to prevent those reactions? 

  • Build a stronger relationship with your dog? 

  • Teach your dog new coping skills?

The Chaotic to Calm workshop provides you with a comprehensive guide to management techniques, relationship-building exercises, and Control Unleashed training games that will help your dog manage their emotions in a healthy way.

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By the end of this workshop you will...
  • Be able to passively and actively manage your dog around triggers

  • Know what fulfills your dog’s needs and how to provide those tools

  • Know what motivates and distracts your dog AND be able to use that knowledge to improve your training

  • Learn 8 foundational training games and exercises for reactivity

  • Know when to use management vs when to use training

  • Know when, where, and how to incorporate your dog’s triggers as you train

Chaotic to Calm Outline:
  • First Steps:

    • Vet Check

    • Fulfilling Biological Needs/Enrichment

    • Passive and Active Management Strategies

    • Rewards/Distraction list

  • Control Unleashed Games and Additional Exercises:

    • On/Off Switch game

    • Deferential Behavior

    • Reorient From Thresholds 

    • 123 

    • Look At That game

    • LATTE game

    • Up/Down 

    • Ping Pong

  • Adding Triggers:

    • When, Where, and How to incorporate them

    • Helpful Tools

    • Progress Tracking

Workshop Features:
  • Life-time access to all of the content

  • Access to the exclusive Chaotic to Calm Workshop group for eight weeks

  • Unlimited video feedback during those eight weeks

  • Support from other dog guardians

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I need more support!
  • Access to the Sky High Community

    • Continuous video feedback

    • Live group coaching sessions once a week

    • Exclusive discounts on private lessons and workshops

    • Access to an exclusive Community group

    • Support from other dog owners and guardians

  • Access to the exclusive Superstars group 

  • Access to all reactivity workshops and content

  • TWO additional live group coaching sessions per week

Sky High Superstars Membership: