Private Lessons

Training a Puppy with Snack

If you are a new dog parent or just added another pup to your family, private lessons are a great way to set yourself and your dog up for success! 

Private lessons are also a fantastic option if you are currently struggling with your dog. Whether you're working through unwanted behaviors in the house or yard, leash pulling on walks, or frustration reactivity, I am here for you!


I will guide you through building a solid relationship with your dog and managing their environment while teaching them what we want them to do. Once the foundations are laid, we'll build on cues your dog already knows and work around real life distractions and triggers. I will teach you how to recognize and respond to your dog's body language so that you can add distance from distractions if your dog needs it.  


All you have to do to start is set up an initial consultation so I can learn about you, your dog, and your needs. I’ll then create custom private lessons tailored just for you!